After a couple of weeks taking on Arthas 10, I am quickly finding out that my threat is not anywhere near what it needs to be.

My main issues in the fight are having ranged dps peel the raging spirits off of me during transition, and also taking Soul Reaper in enough time to save the MT from getting insta-gibbed. I find myself slowing valks when I should be waiting for Soul Reaper to hit on MT.

Arthas, to me, seems like a series of unfortunate events each and every time. Whether it's Shambling horrors dual-enraging right at transition when my shockwave is down, or again, dps peeling adds and running clear across the map, out of taunt range, nothing seems to be going right for me.

Any ideas or suggestions would greatly help. To be honest, I spam devastate on adds until sunders are up. That is the very first thing that I do to adds as I pick them up. When I get them clumped, it's thunderclap (shockwave if needed), and then single target SS/HS, but I'm just not generating enough threat to keep up. I also realize that aoe tanking rotation is nothing like single-target rotation.

I use vig on the MT during phase 1 (for instant taunt refresh) to get the ghouls/horrors on me (this is also hit/miss) as the healers are pulling more aggro than taunt can compensate for. If I have a heroic throw up I'll always use it but other than that, there is no way to get the adds to me any faster.

I'm currently sitting on the T10 gloves. They are an upgrade to the T9 I'm wearing, but I don't really need to lose the 2pc. bonus atm.

Also, anyone with experience, I need help getting an aura setup in Power Auras. I need it to pop up "only when the MT gets Soul Reaper." I know that in order for this to work, the MT needs to be my focus target, but so far, I can't seem to get this functioning properly.

I would greatly appreciate any tips or suggestions. I realize also that my gear is lacking a bit, and I am working on that as fast as possible.

My armory link is below: