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Thread: my prot warrior doing to much treath!

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    my prot warrior doing to much treath!

    I mostly pugging instance becouse of personal reasons and I have aquired a quite anoying problem.

    I am doing to much single target treath.

    On almost any single targt boss that feed me with rage I outtreath most tanks. This is not that kind of big problem becouse I can mt the boss, but on bosses with taunt rotation required it is really really boring
    I have tryied without viglance on both the other tank and not even put it on dps, and still I have a problem I get aggro often after the other tank taunts even if I wait with starting to hit yes it.
    any tips tips how I can fix my treath and maybe even being abel to vigly so I can compensate for my lack of hit


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    Work with your other tank to improve their threat? I'm sure better tanks have better suggestions, but here's what I've found that works.

    Do you use a threat meter to track threat? Using Omen3 has really helped me judge how my threat is compared to the other tank.

    It may be you need to slow down your threat generation if you're that much better than the other tank. In these situations I'll slow down my rotation to basically just spam devastate and SS for the debuffs and stop using Revenge/HS/Shockwave at all, and TC just enough to keep it up, which works well.

    Then once the other tank taunts off, just use auto-attack for a bit until they are well over the top of me, then go back to just Devastate and SS until I need to climb back with them and then taunt off.

    My 2 on what works from personal experience. You may have already thought of these.

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    When it's the other tanks turn to taunt, hold back a little. If you are still going balls to the wall with threat when he needs aggro, that just means you aren't doing your job properly. This, my friend, is called bad tanking.

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    You shouldn't be using revenge anyways right now so spamming Devastate isn't going to help any.
    When I offtank I usually use devastate enough to keep my number 2 on the threat charts and maintain thunderclap/demo shout.
    Your other tank really needs to work out their own rotation it sounds like, you shouldn't have to gimp yourself for another tanks lack of threat

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    I'm having a hard time reading most of what you wrote, but after looking at your armory I can tell you that anyone that can't maintain a threat lead with you in an OT position is doing lots of stuff wrong. You're just going to have to use a threat meter and stay under 110% of the other tank. The only fight that I can think of where you would have a reason to do more threat than the person who taunted a boss off of you is Festergut, and in that case if you aren't holding back/getting salved, you are WRONG.

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    Lol Never heard of a prot warrior complaing that he does troo much threat, but hey Ill try to assity ya .
    1. If your threat is very high then spec and glyph into full survibiliaty if it isn't too much of a threat loss.
    2. If you still have problems after that then the other tank just needs to find out a proper Threat rotation.
    If you have any questions about going into survibiliaty PM me.

    Happy Tanking

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    What I found that helps me on tank swapping like Fester is to switch to Battle Stance and then switch back when the other tank gets about 7 stacks on him i then go back to Defensive Stance.

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    Just stop attacking when it's their time to taunt. It's your job to control your threat properly, so do it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tengenstein View Post
    just don't let them melee you up the bum.

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