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Thread: Gemming Strength after ArP cap (after trinket)

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    Gemming Strength after ArP cap (after trinket)

    Ok so as a preface: I am not a huge PvE-er but I recently got into a PvE guild of sorts and I'm suddenly worrying about what I can do to improve my DPS as a whole. I've always had a Prot or Fury PvE spec but I've recently gone Arms in the hopes that it'd be better DPS.

    SunderKush's Armory

    These are the pieces I'm looking to replace these sometime in the (hopefully[near]) future:

    -Girdle of Arrogant Downfall (I know It's TERRIBLE) with Belt of the Impaler
    -Drape of Fuming Anger with Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape
    -Power-Enhancing Loop with Ashen Band of Greater Might

    Now, this would be a gain of ArP but this is just to put some things in perspective. As I'm moving into T10 level content I'm looking to make sure I'm getting every bit of DPS I can.

    OK, sorry for that. Basically, what I want to know is, would it not be a DPS increase for me to gem Strength after reaching the ArP soft cap? According to This Thread I am ~227 ArP rating over the cap of 498. Essentially, this means I could replace over half of my gems, right? Wrong? Sorry, I'm not good at the math here but I just need this answered by someone who is a bit more experienced.

    Thank you ^_^

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    Yes, go full strength after reaching the softcap. Also, don't be afraid to wear leather or mail gear. Agil+Ap gear is usually better than strength gear, even when taking the 20% strength from talents and blessing of kings into account. That said, get the agil+ap rep ring and not the strength one.

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