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Thread: Help! My DPS is Terrible

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    Help! My DPS is Terrible


    I recently started playing my fury warrior after a long absence. I can't seem to do more than about 3500 dps in 25 mans. I have pretty good gear, etc. so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm following the standard rotation.

    Would appreciate someone looking at my profile and giving me some pointers.

    Thanks so much.


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    I don't use fury as my MS (so somebody might want to check on me about some of this stuff) but this is just some stuff off the top of my head...

    Well for starters you ahve two hit trinkets and your sitting at 423 hit rating, your approaching the hard cap for hit. Thats WAY too much and so much loss dps. Farm reg toc 5 for Banner of Victory and fork out the money to buy darkmoon card: Greatness are just two quick fixes of the top of my head. Also, the Needle encrusted scorpion will do you better than those are currently. Yea they may have a lower GS, but they are so much better, in fact you should see a significant dps increase if you switch them out.

    I dont see any major problems with your spec and your glyphs look fine.

    Gems Gems Gems... your gemming seems kind of random. Get rid of those hit gems, change them out. You shouldn't have to gem for hit. In fact you are spec'd into precision so you should only have to reach 5% hit (thats about164 hit rating if i remember correctly). If its a red socket, put a str gem in it, not questions asked. With that being said, your Expertise is a little on the low side, could use a little love. You could redo the echants on your gloves and bracers to the exp enchants. That should get you too or close to the soft cap of 26. Also, your a max BS, socket your hands and bracers.

    Usually, if the socket bonus is just +4 strenght or Agil its not worth socketing for, and its usually just better to socket for strength (or armor pen if your stacking it).

    Stay away from staminia gems, if it has stamina in it, its a dps loss.

    http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...-Warrior-Guide - For more information read thegreatme's fury warrior guide. Its really well written and informative on other things such as rotations, macros, and different spec's. Also, check out landsoul's spread sheet (there is a link to it in the guide) this will help you with gearing.

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    Thanks very much for your response. I will work on the things you suggested.

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    Your gear is at the point where you should be gemming for ArP, not strength.

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