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Thread: Warrior Hit

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    Warrior Hit

    I am decently geared and just picked up a new cloak and my hit went to the crapper. I'm Fury DPS and I want to find out what direction i need to go in to make sure I am maximizing my DPS play. My armory is


    my hit is currently at 216, what should it be at and is there anything else other than gear that i should be working on??

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    216 is fine for fury, you only need 164 hit with 3/3 precision to be capped.

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    Hi Paldeezy,

    i thing the Hit question is answered. The question to maximizing your dps, you should change your meta in head to the agi version and get the +8 str (bonus is amazing for only one gem) with a +10str/+10crit gem. I'm wondering, why you not use your blacksmith bonus on wrist and gloves, thats 2 extra gems. You using NES and have enought passiv arp on gear, so you can regem to arp and reach the arp softcap 727 or 687 (+ 40 arp by food). These change will push your dps to max.

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