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Thread: DPS check again.

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    DPS check again.

    asking again for some tips and advice on where or what i can do to increase my DPS consistantly.

    Raiding ICC and having issues with single target bosses on low DPS. Guild is wanting/ hoping for 8k or better and i am having problems with achieving that. Generally average around the 6.7-7.2 k range and sometimes lower.

    here's my armory:http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...n&cn=Malenthal

    and logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/0...5y/details/23/

    working with Landsouls spreadsheet but not exactly a excel guru so is somewhat hard to understand it all.
    If reading it correctly, it says i should be able to pull 8-9k easliy and that's where i am having the issues.

    i use the faceroller fury dps mod which is a good addon for a control measure, but could really use some help in reassessing my gems, enchants, and how to maximize adjustments where needed.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Spec: Imp. Intercept & Heroic Fury? I know mobility is very nice to have but you DEFINITELY need Intensify Rage so you can fit more Death Wishes into a fight. You'll see a noticeable DPS increase if you can Death Wish 3x a fight instead of 2. I would take 1 point out of Commanding Presence and 2 points out of Imp. Intercept and put all 3 into Intensify Rage.

    Gear: You are WAAAAY over hit cap. You just need 164 hit to cap your yellow attacks, and while more hit isn't wasted since it still increases your white hit chance, its better to invest in DPS stats like ArP or Crit. You'll generate more rage by hitting harder even if your melees miss slightly more. On top of that, all your yellow attacks will be hitting much harder if you drop hit for other DPS stats.

    One other thing I've noticed is you're using the Crit meta when you could be using the Agi meta (which only requires 1 blue gem to activate). Right now you're using your nightmare's tear to activate only a 4 str bonus, which isn't ideal. I'd put that nightmare's tear into your chest for example so you can get the +8 str bonus.

    Also, you're using the NES which becomes worse and worse the more ArP you go beyond the softcap (722 rating, about 52%). Right now you're in the awkward middle area where you've got too much ArP on gear to get below softcap but too little to really get close to 100% passive. You'll need to pick up some upgrades to make that happen.

    I would get: T10.5 Chest (It's much better itemized with ArP instead of hit and will give you t10 4 piece). I would try for the ArP + Expertise neck off of Blood Queen or pick up the Expertise + ArP cloak from the Frost Vendor if you don't think you'll be able to win that neck piece. If you can get your hands on both that will let you drop your expertise ring for Might of Blight which has ArP on it and is best in slot. Additionally, I kind of wish you had bought the ArP leather belt (Vengeful Noose) instead of the Str Plate one, but don't stress too much about that, you can still pick up Coldwraith Links which is true Best in Slot.

    The Agi Ashen Verdict Ring is better for Fury than the Str one. Also, I saw you had put 20 ArP gems in yellow sockets, I would keep those 10 str 10 crit.

    Obviously you should be going for Shadow's Edge to replace your MH, since that will also help your ArP.

    Your guild looks strong so you have a real chance to get all these upgrades as you push through ICC25, and if you want to see where I'm pulling my info from check out the lootlist here: http://elitistjerks.com/f81/t37462-w...n_spreadsheet/
    You've probably seen this page before since you run Landsoul's, but you can see all the gear I'm mentioning above is on their BiS list. You're already pretty well on your way so GJ there.

    Trinket Wise, I would try and replace your DM:G with Whispering Fanged Skull off of Deathwhisper 10... and once you get another ArP piece (chest, neck, or back) I would probably swap your NES out for Banner of Victory since you'll be up in the 75% Arp range if you eat ArP food. Banner of Victory should hold you over till you can get Deathbringer's Will which has an unbelievable 155 ArP on it.

    Parse: So I looked at your Saurfang parse and compared it to my latest parse. It was a little hard to compare since your guild's kill was much faster than mine (you guys have some solid DPS).

    Here is your parse on Saurfang (6.8k): http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/0...?s=4066&e=4291
    Here is mine (8.3k): http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/x...?s=3736&e=4003

    You have better gear than I do, yet you're pulling less DPS. Part of that can be attributed to some of the Spec/Gearing issues I pointed out above, but overall it seems to be a rotation problem. I've never heard of the addon you're using, but it seems to me that you're not hitting as many WW's or BT's as you should be, yet you're hitting a ton of Heroic Strikes. Are you hitting so many herioc strikes that you're running out of rage and are unable to keep WW and BT on constant cooldown?

    Also, I don't know why you have 2 slam entries on your parse while I only have 1, could it be that you had a three non-instant slams in there? While it was a shorter fight for you I see less Slams than I expect... how often do you let instant slams go unused?

    I wouldn't cleave on Saurfang, since bloodbeasts take reduced AOE damage and so herioc striking one mob would probably be better. If your guild doesn't have melee dealing with BB's at all, just stay on Saurfang and skip the cleaves.

    In general, I think you really need to tighten up your rotation, that seems to be what's holding you back. Your Blood Thirst should be #2 most damaging attack (or close to it).

    I hope this helps, sorry for the length

    Edited for clarity.
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    lots of info and appreciate the help. will look into it and see what adjustments i can do. thanks.

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