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Thread: Blood or Frost 2H tank for ICC 25

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    Blood or Frost 2H tank for ICC 25

    I'm posting this thread in hopes that I'll get opinions from high-end Death Knight tanks. Right now I am in a mix of ICC 25 and ICC 10 gear (I'll post an armory link in a second) tanking progression content in 10-man ICC for my guild of friends. I also run ICC 25 pugs. I'm trying to decide if I want to switch to a Blood spec for tanking and continue with my Frost spec.


    The above is (obviously) my armory profile. Up until this point I have been running a single-disease, 2handed frost tank rotation.
    I realize that this spec and playstyle is very uncommon. To be honest, when I was around level 70 or so I tried it and really liked it. It's very easy to do and provides powerful AOE threat. I use Howling Blast in lieu of Icy Touch to apply Frost Fever. The biggest thing I worry about with my 2H frost spec (aside from my survivability) is single-target threat. I can't imagine that running with a single disease and 2hander as frost could produce good enough single-target threat to main tank in a 25-man raid.

    The other option I am toying with is a Blood tanking spec.
    The upside of this is impressive single-target threat and Vampiric Blood, which is so much better than Unbreakable Armor it's silly. The downside is that it's an uncomfortable rotation for me and terrible AOE snap threat.

    I'm just looking for some opinions on which is better overall for tanking high-end content. Thanks.

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    considering there is two encounters in icc that you have to manage adds, id say blood is the way to go. Plus 3.3.3 WoTn looks very sexy. Also, im not sure im correct but 2H frost is pretty broken currently-however i could definitely be wrong. Threat isn't something you would normally worry about, but in my experience with my dk alt I never seem to have enough in my 25 man raids with people pulling 7-10k normally. I love vamp blood, and i enjoy blood tanking. If you are a comfortable on a death knight then blood should be an easy switch for you.

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    I am currently running this build right now. http://www.wowarmory.com/talent-calc...00000000000000
    I have no problems with aoe threat as long as everyone isn't nuking something diffrent. Also i am able to mt with no problems on threat. I hope this helps you

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    I used to use this spec: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#jcEGV...xhxZ0gh:Gdi0mV

    I am using this spec: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#jcEMq...xhxZ0go:Gdh0mV

    As Blood: I have rarely, if ever, experienced serious issues with non-idiotic Damage Dealers.
    What are non-idiotic Damage Dealers, you ask? Well, they are the ones who DO NOT attack a mob while the tank [me] is pulling, but wait till after the tank has pulled. They do NOT, ever, pull mobs intentionally, but wait for the tank to pull or ask them for a MD of TotT. :-)

    I have, however, only MT-ed Icecrown Citadel till Deathbringer Suarfang (10 N), and MT-ed Trial of the Crusader 10 and 25 (both normal). I have a Frost spec off-spec, but will have to wait for a while before I can try it. :-(
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    I have a bit of a non-standard blood build but I have been finding it useful.

    If you asked me, drop Sudden Doom and Subversion to fill out Will of the Necropolis. The change to it is pretty nice for 3.3.3 as it removes the 5% damage requirement.
    I liked Morbidity due to the extra AOE ability, I run with a second DPS spec so I didn't build an AOE and Single Target builds. I'm not losing threat in Raids to AOE pulls and if there is a boss fight like Deathwhisperer where I need to AOE and single target, it functions very well.
    The rotation isn't as elegant as an Unholy DPS rotation, but far simpler than a Frost build waiting on Rime procs and saving Killing Machines. Hope this helps, best of luck in ICC.

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