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Thread: What am i doing wrong?

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    What am i doing wrong?

    For some reason i have been denied access to a couple of guilds because they say my tanking gear is "inadequate for 10 man ICC". It doesnt make any sense to me because some of it is from 10 man ICC! What am i doing wrong? gems/enchants/glyphs. I am a very able tank and am very good at organizing raids and getting through them in a timely fashion. Please let me know whats up. Thanks.

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    You're definitely geared enough for ICC10, those guys don't know what they're talking about.

    However, having said that, you do need to fix a few things.

    Cloak: Enchant with 225 armor
    Chest: Change the enchant to 275hp. You may want to try and get take out that str defense gem and put in a 30 stam gem. This will deactivate your meta but...
    Belt: put a 10agi/15stam gem in the red socket here, it is the best place to hit your meta, overall these two changes will net you 27 stam
    Gloves: Put a 240 armor or 18 stam enchant on those (leatherworking kits). 240 armor is a little more EHP, but isn't as good against non-mitigatable damage like on LDW or Sindragosa. I still pref the armor though.
    Weapon: Mongoose is better than bladewarding for pallies, you might get blood draining instead too.
    Shield: Change the enchant to 18 stam.
    Trinkets: You might look at picking up glyph of indominability. It is more EHP (well... more reliable EHP) than the black heart and is easy to get.
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    One more slight change you could make is putting a hybrid gem in your helm since it's a 12stam bonus (defense or hit + stam). I agree with everything Agg said above also. You're definitely geared enough for starting icc10.

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