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Thread: Resto Shaman Gemming

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    Resto Shaman Gemming

    So I'm having a little confusion on how to gem my shammy's new resto set. A guide I found on these forums (it was in a poster's sig if I recall) recommends Royal Dreadstone in red and blue slots and Reckless Ametrine in yellow. However, running my toon through rawr's restosham model, I find it always recommends Runed Cardinal Ruby for my red slots. The guide I read mentioned that runed cardinal rubies are slightly under stat budget and thats why a lot of resto shaman prefer the royal dreadstones. I'm a complete nub at healing and could use a little advice >_<
    *edit* armory link if it helps : http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...mar&n=Bigtotem might show me in my enhancement gear though.
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    Haste above all else is what I found when it comes to resto shaman.

    Yellow = +20 haste
    Red = Spell Power/Haste
    Blue = +20 haste (unless you need to meet meta requirements, then use haste/mp5)
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    Depends on your role as a shaman. If you are going to be raid healing, then you want to get pure haste and forget all socket bonuses. My shaman runs with around 1200 haste rating. If you are going to be tank healing, you should be gemming for pure spell power; I keep two sets of gear with me at all times depending on my role.

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