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Thread: Help in regards to Arms and ArP.

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    Help in regards to Arms and ArP.


    First, I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the Gearing section, as that section seemed to be more filled with only tankin posts. Feel free to move this if it does in fact belong there.


    The above is my warrior, and I've stuck with Strength since I dinged 80 as I was sure it'd be better than ArP for the time being.

    I've read the general rules on ArP and when to gem for it (which to simply was either by checking a spreadsheet/Rawr to see if it's better, or until 100% with a proccing trinket, or up to that without one), however the problem is every time I do plug in ArP gems into all my gear through Rawr, the end DPS seems to be coming out lower in every set of gear I've acquired.

    I've seen people with gear similar to mine going nuts over ArP gems, so either they are just blindly gemming it or I'm doing something wrong.

    Even if I switch my Banner of Victory for NES (which I've been trying to get every day) and then gem ArP until 100% procced, the DPS increase is so ridiculously minor compared to not changing any gems.

    Could anyone share an opinion or have a look?

    Quick edit: I'm aware of my glyphs. I switch them for raiding, since they're more or less worthless in most situations.
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    take a looksee at this hurr thread

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    If ArP gems are coming out less valuable than gemming strength then you haven't reached the levels of ArP from gear and talents to make ArP more valuable than Strength.

    As you gear up keep checking with Rawr or Landsoul's Spreadsheet if you are concerned about it. Or, alternatively, just gem ArP any ways. Since, as an Arms warrior, 100% passive ArP is what you want to be aiming for and is easily do-able depending on the gear available to you.

    You are very close to being able to "soft cap" ArP with an NES if you were to get the trinket and regem for ArP. Without, running numbers I imagine you would see a nice DPS increase. Though you could always just get another beheader and go fury.
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    ive gone back to a NES proc and gemming strength its just so much more fun when nes procs and the 20k crits come rolling in.
    also has a great effect in pvp .....watch the clothy squirm!

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    Thanks for the feedback. I've lost rolls on NES 4 or 5 times now, which really blows because I go with a friend to roll with me, and some loser always ends up winning. ;(

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    Moved to HALP forum.

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