Needing Gear Advise
new to world of warcraft kinda. Been playing since November, Have several toons, but concerned most with my newest toon, which is a dk. I am specing blood, and dps is my chosen field. Currently geared with the following stuff , listring as it is in Wow

Coldrock Healmet of the Cahmpion
EArthen Mark of Razing
Mightstone Pauldrons
Warmaul Def, Cloak

Adamite Breast plate with gems, Balanced Twilight Opals ( 2 of them) Balanced Dreadstone (1 of them) socketed
Adamite Plate bracers with gems socketed being solidchalcedony (1)
Adamite Plate Gloves with gems socketed being Bold Blood stone and solid chalcedonly 1 each

Seething Waist Guard
Seabone Leg plates

Chillgreaved feet
Floral Loop of the champion Ring
Valanar's Signet Ring

Braxleys Backyard Moonshine (trinket)
SoulHarvestors Charm (trinket)

Sigil of the Dark Rider Offhand
Ingvar's Monolithic Cleaver (Axe)

Am currently a lvl 71 80% to 72

Looking for the best gear set for my lvl, I am spec'd Unholy/Blood Will take advice given, ty