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Thread: Dual-Wield Warrior (No Titan's Grip)

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    I would really like to see a 1h fury spec that works on haste proc abilites or even "yellows" that increase white dmg haste vs doing a big damage attack. Opens up a different play style where you need to manage bursts of extra white dmg that last 5-10 seconds vs large attacks. Like someone said dmg is a function of weapon speed rather than top end dmg. This would be a very different option to titans grip fury and I used to love running fury offspec spec at L70 using mostly fast tank weapons.

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    @h win.... Blizzard wouldnt make titan's grip so useless...

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    silver the only way you will be able to prove your point is to get some real gear at your lvl enchant/gem accordingly and find a good rotation, it is obvious to see that you favor your 2 1-handed dps so it may be hard for you to get a grip on the dual-wield 2-hander rotation but if you can and there is without a doubt a dps increase with your 2 1-handers then this post that you have made will become meaning-full, because (no offense) all i see here is talk no real action, and your comparison with dps cant be made by two low white weapons with no gear on, as Kazeyonoma said the sheer number of stats you lost in making that dps comparison is why the "test" that u did is a waste.

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    Has anyone tried a modified Titan's Grip build slanted heavy towards avoidance and damage mitigation, equipping all high level tank gear, tank shield in off-hand but a 2H weapon for main-hander? Run this in Defensive Stance and figure out what kind of survivability you get. have they already tried and tested this concept (I'm am sure they have)? If so, anyone know what the results were?

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