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Thread: New Tank needs advite (Prot pally)

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    New Tank needs advite (Prot pally)

    I need some advice on gems and enchants and gear upgrades.

    1. Should I change any gems?
    2. Should I change any enchants?
    3. Are any of my gear choices "Bad"?


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    To maximize EH, replace every gem not in your helm with +30 stam. Replace the purple gem with agi/stam. Replace glove enchant with +18 stam. Replace wep enchant with Blood Draining. Replace chest enchant with +275 hp. Replace cloak enchant with +armor. Replace shoulder enchant with stam/resil.

    As far as gear goes, none of it is "bad" really, just not "good" yet. Try to replace that shield ASAP. Get a group and grind out ICC rep far enough to get the lowest ring and replace your Seal of Ulduar. Get T10 gloves and chest when you can, and depending on your budget, the craftable ICC legs.

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