Needed Classes:
Priest (Healing and DPS)
Holy Pally

Current Progression:
8/12 ICC 25
5/5 H-ToGC 10 (Tribute to Mad Skill)
10/12 -ICC 10

About Us
The Art Of Warfare has been alliance guild for 4 years. We pride our selves on stability and sustainability. We are looking for people who are here for the long term. We want players who can eventually be part of our raiding core and not be here for the scoop and run. Recruits are expected to show to all raids.
Raid Times
Wednesday: 8:00-11:00 PM Est
Thursday: 8:00-11:00 PM Est

What We Expect
Have TeamSpeak 2.0 along with a working mic
Know the fights
Come prepared to raids
Strong raid Awareness
Ability to accept constructive criticism
Be able to theory craft and gear your class correctly
Do NOT leave Raids early.
Do NOT AFK during Raids or be slow on Ready-Checks.
Stay Available for full duration of Raid Time even if not invited.
Full Focus until Raid has finished.

Even if your class is not on the list please do not hesitate to apply. All exceptional players are welcomed!
For more information please consult Coprinus, Tahr, Delebotu, Galadrial, Psychosmart