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Thread: DK Frost tank needs help on rotation, chants and geming

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    DK Frost tank needs help on rotation, chants and geming

    Hi all,

    Due to the lack of time tanks have to wait for a random compared to a DPS I have decided to take up tanking again. I have not done so since WOTLC was published and did well at that time. I was Unholy spec and did a good (not great) job. Now that things have changed I noticed that the Unholy build I was using didnít work that well and have switched to frost. I like the build but canít seem to get the rotation right. I was also seeking advice on how to gem and chant. I understand that my gear is not the best but I am currently not raiding just doing random instances til I get better gear. Please take a look at my armory and any help would be great!

    thank you,

    Bobby of Troy

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    For starters, your gems. Replace the Crit meta gem in your health with the stam/armor meta, and replace the parry/stam in your shoulders and gloves with expertise/stam. You don't want to gem for parry. You'll need at least two purple gems to activate the new meta in your helmet. Replace the gem in your belt with pure stam.

    For enchants. Get the def/dodge inscription from Sons of Hodir or the stam/resil inscription from your PVP vendor for your shoulders. You'll also want to get your hands on one of the agil/stam leg armors. If you can't afford the epic, just use the rare for now. I'd also recomment getting +40 stam enchant on your bracers and the +275 health enchant on your chest in lieu of +10 stats.

    Edit: Just noticed you're an inscriptionist, use your profession to chant your shoulders.

    There are a number of upgrades out there for you including trinkets, rings, boots, etc. You're going to want to target those if you can. If gold is an issue, you may want to wait for the upgrade to get the new enchant. Your weapons aren't the best for threat, either. As you get more defense rating and survivability on your armor you're going to want to replace at least one or both of your weapons with the slower one hand weapons from the new ICC 5 mans, namely the axe or the mace. They'll up your threat output.

    I'd also target this trinket in lieu of the 550 armor one from GD.

    For your rotations, check out this link. It's concise and packs alot of information.
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