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Thread: DK Tank - Healers struggling to keep me alive on festergut

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    DK Tank - Healers struggling to keep me alive on festergut

    Hi All,

    My guild has sucessfully downed the first 5 (we do fester then rotface) and on festergut although we have managed3 times to down him its been a struggle for them to keep me up. My tanking partner is a pally and they always say hes easier to keep alive. We have esentially the same gear.

    Im a blood tank using a build from the big blood tanking thread on here. Im pretty much stam stacked. is there anything else i could do to help? possible talent swap or something?

    Here is my link:


    currently equipped with my crab for stam but i do have the glyph aswell.

    Cheers all

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    Where are they having trouble keeping you alive? (and 10man? 25man?) You have slightly better gear than my Blood DK alt and i've successfully tanked Fester10 without any problems. And yes my healers were pretty jittery going in as they previously had a pretty decent DK tank get pwnd.

    There are two points where healers will have trouble healing you: Inhale2 and Inhale3. You really really need to chain cooldowns on Inhale3 to survive, healers alone cant save you. This means IBF and Vampiric Blood are reserved. For Inhale2, i use Mark of Blood & Rune Tap to help out the healing and carefully arrange my rune cooldowns so i can spam deathstrike end to end a few times. Also pop the use on the trinkets wherever you're feeling cooldowns arent enough.

    I've also recently specced into WotN and i think that helped too. You might want to look into it as it's going to be awesome come the next patch anyway.

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    cool ill take that into consideration thanks mate

    on a side note what is wotn? and IBF? im not familiar with all spell name acronyms

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    Chain cooldowns, yes. But also consider swapping the 245 badge trinket Glyph of Indomitability for the Monarch Crab. The extra 1800 or so armor is oh so nice and the on-use is flat out better than the crab.

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