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Thread: Many Badges, too much choice and no tier

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    Many Badges, too much choice and no tier

    Heya All

    Really looking at some sound advice as to whats the best bang for my buck!

    I currently have 125 frost badges and Im really wary as to what to get next so that I get the most
    out of the Badges :-)

    We as a guild are currently up to 25man rotface and I am about 5th in line to recieve the trophy from DBS.
    The way we work is those that have Tier can have access to the trophy depending on EPGP.

    At this time im thinking about either getting the Cata Chest piece for 95 and/or the Tier glovees and Shoulders or the glvoes of the kraken. My dilemma is that I have the two Set bonus of gloves and shoulders now

    Linky follow

    Many Thanks!

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    I agree with gloves of the kraken or cataclysmic chestguard, I'd so go gloves first, but if you really like the set bonus then go chest first. Both are substantial upgrades
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