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Thread: How am I doing? (Holy Paladin)

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    How am I doing? (Holy Paladin)

    I just finished with my new Spec now that i'm into ICC and replaced my Beacon Glyph for the more favored Glyph of Divinity. I also replaced a few gems. I would just like some feedback on how my gearing/gemming/enchanting/spec'ing is. I would also like to know if you think I am ready to jump into ICC25 yet or if I should wait a bit.


    Armory Link:

    Note: I know my Wep has +hit on it. It's the best I can do while waiting for a replacement. This is also the reasoning for not putting +63sp on it.

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    Nothing wrong with a hit weapon, especially since a lot of the easily obtainable weapons are daggers or staffs.

    One recommendation - Tuskarr's to boots would be a huge help, especially since your mobile heals are very limited.

    Also, Binding Light is garbage. I'd vendor it and grab Tears of the Vanquished or something.

    Otherwise, gear is pretty nice (good gems and enchants) and your spec looks good, Divine Sac/Guardian is infinitely useful. I think you'd do fine in ICC 25.

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