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Thread: Tanking Trinkets

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    Tanking Trinkets

    After doing some reading on these forums I've confuzzled myself with which trinkets afford the most EH. Stamina seems to be the obvious choice, but it seems there are some arguments to support Armor. I understand certain situations will ask for different itemization (+stam has more benefit Vs casters than +armor) but I'm looking for the, 'as a general rule' rule.

    My armory

    Current equipped trinkets are The Black Heart and Bubbling Brightbrew Charm

    In my bags are Glyph of Indominability and Eitrigg's Oath

    Should I aim to reach the 75% armor cap or continue to stack stam? Or only use the armor trinket's on melee heavy bosses? Or 1 of each? If so, which is lesser value? Black Heart or Brightbrew? Thanks for the suggestions/clarification in advance

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    Use the glyph and the black heart.
    Dodge trinkets are meh

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    I agree with Glyph + BH, just make sure to replace Glyph with Brewfest for magic-heavy fights like that dude in VoA (not that he hits hard but it never hurts to gear to the encounter).

    Eitrigg's Oath is garbage. Vendor it.

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    ^ truth. Save up for the Corroded Skeleton key if you can, then swap it with the black heart, then use those two (skeleton key and black heart) on magic-damage heavy fights.
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