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Thread: Prot pally needing gemming and gear help

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    Prot pally needing gemming and gear help


    I'm an ICC progressing (started last week and am at 6/12 atm for ICC10, 4/12 on ICC25) tank who needs help on maxing out stats. Any raid currently available (minus ICC hardmodes) is available for me via guild and pugs, GS is 5300 and I think I have pretty decent enchants on my gear. I just would like to know where to upgrade my lvl 232's, should I replace some of my current gear, and the need of higher hit rating. I currently have 214 rating and am sub capped, so I'd really like to know whether to gem / enchant for it or to just keep stacking stamina on the pally.


    And should I replace the gems of waist with 1x Nightmare Tear 2x stam and do legs with 3x stam instead? That would give me improvement of 12 stam but would mean getting rid of 10 hit rating (which I desperately need).

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    You can change ur shoulder enchant to the pvp enchant for 30stam, 15res.
    And change ur chest asap, it doesn't even have sockets.

    Why are you so worried about hit rating ?

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    Drop the hit gems.
    Like Toxicacid said you need a new chest, get the 245 crafted one at the very least and change the enchant to +275 health.
    I'd replace +22agil to cloak with the armor enchant.
    Blade ward is meh.

    I also highly suggest getting the off-tier frost badge gear, its so much better.

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    One glaring problem - you definitely need Judgments of the Just and Vindication, both are crucial damage reduction talents. 20% longer between swings is self-explanatory, and Vindication is equivalent to a fully buffed Demo Shout - there really is no argument against taking these talents.

    I also recommend taking Pursuit of Justice (although you use Tuskarr's, which is about half as effective and may be good enough) and Seal of Command. SoC is fantastic for any kind of add tanking - good for Gunship, Deathwhisper (just make sure to switch to SoV when the shield goes down), and Dreamwalker once you get there. It also makes tanking the daily heroic a breeze.

    So if you want to shy away from PoJ and stick to Tuskarr's, use this spec: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#sZV0tAbuMusIufdxfMd0cG

    You also should glyph Seal of Vengeance (lose Judgement or HotR). Up to 26, Expertise is your number one threat stat - since you're at 14, getting up to 24 would be a tremendous threat boost.

    Your gemming and enchanting looks OK. Needs more stam and armor (+275 health to chest, +30 stam to shoulders, +225 armor to cloak), and I wouldn't gem to the socket bonus on those legs. Mongoose is much better than Blade Ward for a Pally, but I would hold off on spending the gold on a new enchant until you get a nicer weapon (maybe the one off Marrowgar 10). I'd also consider replacing the Armsman glove enchant with either +240 armor or +18 stam - 2% threat is a very small amount, and 10 parry is negligible. Better to stick with EH unless you're having issues with sustained threat.

    Don't worry too much about hit rating, the 10 expertise from the SoV glyph will do wonders for your threat generation trust me. I also don't see much use for the Nightmare Tear gem, I'd rather just use one Agi+Stam gem to activate the meta and the rest pure stam.

    For your next frost upgrade, I recommend the off-set gloves. They are fantastic, lots of stam and armor with a similar amount of avoidance.

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    How's it looking now apart the nightmare tear and the shoulder enchant?

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    You're looking pretty good, just need to work on upgrading your chest/boots and you'll be straight

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    What's wrong with the boots? :/ I bought the lvl 232 tier chest for some stamina and the set bonus, only some 1k till 40k unbuffed hp

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