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Thread: Healing - What to get with frosts?

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    Healing - What to get with frosts?


    Armory: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...+Halls&cn=Alne

    Currently I have stacked up 225 Frosts, but I have no idea where to spend them on .
    I have the T10 (ilvl251) legs in my backpack, so I could go for 4/5 T10 (ilvl251), or I could
    buy the off-set hands from the vendor and go for 2/5 T10.

    I looked up diamondtear (main healer paragon) and she didnt went for any T10 at all.

    I have no idea what the best is I should aim for now, and would really appreciate some help .
    Any comments on stats choice / gemming / enchanting / talents would be nice too.

    Kind regards,


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    Diamondtear (as every other main - holy I know) has gone after 2pc T10 because of the setbonus ability to largely mitigate the impact of one divine plea every three minutes. I would be shooting for that, too. Problem for me is (and maybe for her setup was) that the tokens go to my tankset (in her case to Lazeil's that is) and as long as that isn't finished the T10 pieces are sub-par to the offset pieces except for the godly setbonus.

    In short: I would shoot for the T10 2pc anyway. Manareg > all


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    I, too, would go after the T10 2-piece (if holy were my pally's MS). 35% boost would work wonders for mitigating Divine Plea's healing reduction.

    And I don't understand your spec at all.

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