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Thread: Holding agro when specific classes cut loose on a mob.

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    Trouble Holding agro when specific classes cut loose on a mob.

    Hello, I am having trouble holding agro on specific mobs when say a balanced druid or other high initial dps class cuts loose on them. Is it thier critting numbers out weighing my threat and I need to have them hold off a second until I get good agro or is it something i can fix with changing some things around in my talent tree. I am not having any trouble on a single target or a boss, once I get them I have no trouble keeping them, it is the little mobs and such..the multi-target stuff that is giving me trouble. My rotation is DND, pestilence, HB, BB and then as i cyclye through the mob i hit RS or OB whichever is up atm, then back to pest and HB and BB, and if I see one of the mobs not targeting me then i use dark command on them. This is my armory link ..............http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...&cn=Latormenta, and this is the link to my talent tree...... http://www.wowarmory.com/character-t...enta&gn=Virtue. I would greatly appreciate any help or advice on gear upgrades, rotation, and talent choices. Thank you in advance for your help and time.

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    You logged out in DPS gear, so I can't help you with that.

    Your frost spec needs work. Take those three points from subversion and stick them in Blade Barrier (5/5 is required for tanking). Epidemic is not need with glyph of howling blast. Stick one point in Bladed Armor and the other point in Scent of Blood. Hungering Cold is also a decent choice for 1 point. It has good usefulness on AoE pulls, especially when an extra pack is pulled by mistake.

    Speaking of specs, please tell me that Blood spec was some test you were running. If not, please read Satorri's DK tanking guide in the Theorycrafting forum.

    Your rotation is bad. Since you're running HB glyph, you don't need pestilence on AoE pulls. Drop DnD and hit the mobs with HB on their way in. Then BB-BT-BB to solidify threat. Pop HB on every cooldown or Rime proc. Use BB for every blood rune until you have 2 mobs left, then switch to single target. Spread out the oblits and RS/auto attacks in between other attacks.

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