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Thread: Bm Spec Advice Needed!

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    Bm Spec Advice Needed!

    Are there are any decent rotations, builds, glyphs etc to help my all around dps and pet survivability? if so i need help to determine what would be good selections of pet talents and whether i should have a hybrid spec or go all bm, i dont need posts saying go survival or mm or that your fail and you should quit wow or anything like that.

    i have 5 pets, a lvl 80 wolf, lvl 80 spirit beast, lvl 77 cat, lvl 75 bird and a lvl 75 devilsaur

    my build is all bm spec except for improved aspect of the monkey(which i never use)

    my pets talents are Great Stamina, Natural Armor, Spiked Collar, Bloodthirsty, Heart of the Pheonix, Spiders Bite, Call of The Wild, Lick Your Wounds and Shark Attack(lvl 80 pets)

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    There is a great write-up on raiding as BM over on EJ:


    Have a read through that and ask any questions here if you want. You will do lower dps as BM but hats off to you for sticking with the spec you enjoy. I raided the whole way through TBC as survival so i know how you feel.
    Roll with the punches.

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