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Thread: Where to now?

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    Where to now?


    Picked up the cloak last night, and other than some relatively minor upgrades that I can get pretty easily (emblem ranged weapon, indestructible plate girdle, epic gems), I'm not sure where to go from here.

    Couple of decent drops in ToC10 (belt, shield), but for the most part it seems like all the good stuff is in icc10. However, I'm not sure if I'm geared to tank it yet (guild says no).

    Ideas to get me icc10 ready? I'm pretty poor but maybe start saving for the breastplate of the white knight?

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    Farm your frost emblems, get your full t9 and try to run TotC25 for your t9.25 (trophies). Get the Saronite Sworbreakers crafted (245 bracers). Can't check the armory, but that is a pretty standard suggestion for getting tanks up to speed. I tanked ICC10 in mostly 232 lvl gear, then as pieces dropped/frost emblems got acquired I upgraded those pieces.
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    You could probably handle the first wing. After that, I dunno. It depends on how progressed your guild's ICC 10 run is - I wouldn't try to tank the later bosses in your gear. Definitely get into a ToC 10 or 25. BP of the White Knight wouldn't hurt but isn't crucial either.

    How many Frost badges do you have? Because if you have enough to buy the belt, do it. It's a fantastic piece and an unfathomably big upgrade for you.

    Also, Black Heart instead of Essence of Gossamer. BH is far superior, even if it's a pain to farm.

    I also see on your activity thingamajig that you got Rimefang's Claw - it's better than your current shield block axe in my opinion, although it may not be an efficient use of your gold to put another Blood Draining on it.

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