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Thread: Druid AoE tanking rotation

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    Druid AoE tanking rotation

    So I'm all set on my single target threat. Charge - lacerate - mangle (I think that's right, it's working ok).
    My biggest problem right now is multimob tanking. I've always played a warrior, and I've very used to charging and then usuing thunderclap right off the bat. I'm feeling gimped with the druid, as I don't really have a big instant aoe threat generator. Aside from swipe, I feel like I can't do anything to hit multiple targets.
    I threw on the glyph of challenging roar with the hopes that I could use that right off the bat on every pull.
    My initial thoughts on the rotation for multimob tanking is:
    Charge - challenging roar - swipe/lacerate

    What am I missing? Also, I'm only level 69 right now, so for all I know the druid may get some sort of thunderclap esq move that makes this whole post irrelevant. What are your thoughts?

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    Swipe/Maul (gylphed) are the only multi attack us bears have so I just us them. I save challenging roar for when for some lucky reason DPS pull mutli mobs off me else I will us growl on the one which is running away. You wont get anything like thunderclap

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    Druid charge isnt really worth doing unless there is a caster mob in the group, unlike the warrior charge the druid charge costs you rage. Swipe is way better than thunder clap, aoe tanking should be no problem for you. Like the poster above said glyphed maul + swipe, just spam it and you should have all the aggro you need. Make sure you have the talent that gives +30% swipe dmg

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    Get the glyph of maul and use a this macro.

    #showtooltip Swipe
    /cast Maul
    /cast Swipe

    Sometimes if the fight is gonna last a while you should tab around and put lacerate on a few mobs because bleeds increase maul damage.
    Bear aoe tanking is alot of swipe. My 5 key is getting worn out lol.

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    I use swipe in conjunction with the following macro while tabbing through my targets:

    /cast Mangle (Bear)(rank 5)
    /cast [nomod] !Maul

    Keep Challenging Roar on standby for the potential one pulling away. Tanking in Bear form is so much easier for me than on my Pally. Swipe is my primary attack for multiple mobs. The 8 yard range is hard to beat. Also as previous posters have stated, Maul (gylphed) helps. Here are some other macros to consider:

    Feral Faerie Fire:

    /cast Faerie Fire (feral)
    /cast [nomod] !Maul


    /cast Lacerate
    /cast [nomod] !Maul


    /cast Swipe (bear)(Rank 8)
    /cast [nomod] !Maul

    I hope this helps.



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