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Thread: Frost tanking KM vs Black Ice help me choose

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    Frost tanking KM vs Black Ice help me choose

    I am making a DW frost tank spec/gear set for 3.3 and I am trying to figure out the best place to steal 2 points from, for scent of blood. The variability comes from switching Harbringers Bone Band and Juggernaut, and between swordbreaking and razorice (getting a very big buff in 3.3) on my MH.

    Fully buffed (not counting the ICC raid buff or debuff) stats according to Rawr will be something along the lines of:
    40K armor
    50K hp (will scale up during the fight due to unidentified organ)
    73.28% - 75.48 avoidance
    72.4% dmg reduction from armor
    Boss miss 16%
    253-291 hit
    21 expertise

    The talent spec would look something like this with the points in KM and Black Ice being changeable. I chose the Glyphs I did because I assume with a 45% haste and up too 76.24% avoidance RS will eat pretty much all my RP.

    my three choices to take 2 points from are:
    bladed armor
    Killing Machine
    Black Ice

    Bladed armor will cost me 445 AP, Black Ice 4% frost and shadow dmg, and KM proc rate.
    Razorice will now proc at 100% and only take 5 hits to stack so the 10% frost dmg buff will be up a lot.

    Essentially I am looking for advice on where to get those 2 points to maximize my threat/dmg .

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    You absolutely need 3/3 Frigid Dreadplate (1% avoidance per point is a wonderful deal, even if avoidance is nothing to stack in ICC). I also don't see much use for the 20% haste buff on a Death Knight (you get next to nothing from haste), but if your raid needs it then I guess you can spec into it.

    I would try not to give up crucial talents like Black Ice or Bladed Armor for non-crucial talents like Scent of Blood.

    Glyph of Icy Touch is OK for AoE tanking I suppose, but Howling Blast would be better - helps smooth out your rotation and give you burst AoE threat.

    Maybe use something like this: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#j0EZh...zc0fuzAo0x:Tda

    And you're using Razorice to tank with? Shouldn't you use the tanking runes, for more stam and avoidance?

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    Where are you getting the 73% avoidance number from? In some of the best gear around, most of us are topping out at 65% or so. And how do you only have 50K HP but 40K armor? Are you stacking dodge instead of stam?

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    I don't really like the concept of tanking as it is now with EH almost the only thing that matters. So the whole spec is avoidance and dmg mitigation based, yes blood's EH is better yes I'll probably be blood again eventually once I max out this build. Gem wise it's all gemming to fit the socket colors dodge/stam (red), def/stam (yellow), and pure stam in blue and neutral.

    With trinket, gem, spec changes it can switch over to a blood EH spec pretty easily. A big part of the avoidance comes from boss miss which i am maxed out at, and parry from sword breaker runeforge.

    I can post the rawr build if you want to check it out.

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