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Thread: Where should I now be tanking?

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    Where should I now be tanking?

    So, I have just recently changed over to blood tanking and I was wondering on what I should start tanking, I am 541 defense,25k armor,32k HP,and hit cappped.


    also if possible i wish to know what peices i really need to work on replacing thanks for the help

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    You should keep running heroics (especially ICC 5s) and try some ToC 10.

    I would also replace your bracers, boots, avoidance trinket, and cloak ASAP.

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    Bracers: replace for saronite swordbreakers
    Boots: replace with Forge of Souls drops. The heroic ones are better, obviously.
    Cloak: sentinel's winter cloak. Costs frost emblems, but worth every one.
    Trink: Glyph of indom, bought with triumph emblems.

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    I know you didn't ask for this, but you need to tweak your spec. Take the three points from SoB and put them into Imp IT. Blood tanks do no care about having extra RP. DC is not a significant contributor to our threat. Standard RP generation is enough for RS and IBF.

    I prefer DS glyph rather than Disease. DS glyph is more threat and disease glyph tanking will be dead in 3.3.3 due to the IT threat buff.

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