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Thread: I'm TClermont, and I'm a newb. Help appreciated :)

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    I'm TClermont, and I'm a newb. Help appreciated :)

    So I'm new to WoW... switched over from Runescape as I had multiple maxed out characters and was getting bored. I'm about to hit level 20 with my undead frost mage (all my friends are horde), which is only the beginning of the climb to 80... but I know it's where leveling wrong can make you waste hours of gametime.

    Basically I'm looking for any tips/macros/lessons you guys learned along the way that would help me avoid screwing up . Suggested macros/guides/professions/specs all appreciated. Feel free to link other threads and tell me what a newb I am for not searching lol... just woke up :P

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    You need this: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/th...69412142&sid=1

    You've chosen right to use frost. Just put talent points into things that help you do damage and give you mana back, so you spend as little time as possible drinking and eating.
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    Get your friends to donate you some larger bags. Having lots of bag space will save you SO much time as you'll likely not have to make special trips back to town to sell garbage.

    Different areas / monster are often the goal of multiple quests. One quest will have you killing 10 of this type of monster, while another quest will require you to collect 5 objects from that same area. Just make sure you're doing all the quests concurrently to save you time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thulldar View Post
    You've chosen right to use frost. Just put talent points into things that help you do damage and give you mana back, so you spend as little time as possible drinking and eating.
    Just to elaborate on this point, you can skip the more interesting talents like Water Elemental, Ice Block, Cold Snap, and Icy Veins, in favor of talents that simply increase your dmg, reduce mana costs, or regenerate mana faster, while leveling at least.

    Here's my 55 mage (b/f I retired him to focus on tanks) and the Frost talent build based on that strat that worked well for me. Get gear w/ the most spellpower and Int possible (and maybe Spirit now too, if it increases dmg or in-combat mana-regen, haven't really paid attn to that stat lately but know it's been changed alot).

    Second the advice to get big bags from your friends. Bigger bags = more collecting stuff to sell = more gold/hr.

    Get 2x gathering profs if you haven't already - mining, herbalism, or skinning. They're nothing but profit while leveling, whereas all the other crafting professions will cost you lots of gold and ensure you're broke all the way to 80, unless your friends fund you.

    I suggest skinning and mining so that if you decide to do alot of LFG dungeon leveling, you can still collect skins from dead beasts and dragonkin in dungeons (not much ore or herbs in dungeons). If you plan to quest level all the way to 80, then Mining + Herbalism will probably make you more money (more crafting profs require those mats, hence more demand and higher selling prices)

    There are several big expenses on the way to 80 - epic riding at 40 (~100g), regular flying at 60 (~500g), epic flying at 70 (~5000g), cold weather flying at 77 (1000g), and dual spec anytime after 40 (1000g). Use your gathering professions to collect stuff you can either vendor or auction, and make it a goal to save for those expenses while you level.

    Once you hit 80 and have bought all those things (and the 16k gold Travelers Tundra Mammoth and 8k gold Kirin Tor rings if you want them), and are about to start raiding or pvp, then look up 'profession powerleveling guide' and see what it would cost in mats and gold to powerlevel one or two crafting professions to the current max level 450. Use your gathering profs (or gold borrowed from friends) to collect the required mats, and powerlevel them over a weekend.

    Some crafting professions also have a gathering component - Tailoring (increased Frostweave Cloth drops in Northrend), Enchanting (DE green, blue, purple items into valuable enchanting mats that everyone needs), and Engineering (collect Motes (mats for Primals) from Outland gas clouds and Crystallized (mats for Eternals) from Northrend gas clouds and scavenge dead mechanical mobs for valuable parts and recipes. These are especially nice once you stop questing and start raiding, since you'll still be able to gather mats to pay the bills while raiding.

    Check out available Addons at Curse.com and Wowinterface.com, especially the auction house related ones.

    Wow.com, Wowhead.com forums, and Epicadvice.com are other really good sources of info for new Wow players.

    Finally, here is a compilation of advice on how a guild (or group of friends) can powerlevel someone to 80 the fastest possible.
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