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Thread: Tank convert

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    Tank convert

    I have played as a dps warrior for most of my time on WoW, but as of late my GM has asked me to try tanking. I have found that I have some aggro problems with groups. Is there a rotation for a warrior tank to increase my aggro. On single targets, such as a boss, I have little problems with threat, unless i have some one pulling over 6k dps. With more gear will that change?

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    As your gear increases your TPS should also increase. Make sure you are using a good tanking rotation as that will help with threat issues. You may also need additional hit or expertise depending on what is on your gear currently. Vigilance is also a big help in these cases.

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    Be sure to use Shield block every cd, particularily at the start aswell as when revenge and SS are both up. A procced Ss from revege boosts threat quite a bit. Also you should try to be above 26 exp so your at least soft capped, and have 8% hit. Personally i eat hit food and am 7.5%. Beisdes getting the Vig glyph, and putting it on a dot target such as a warlock ect, or a warrior dps if the fight doesnt involve moving for the melee. Exp. Saurfang ect, they never switch on most strats.

    Rotation should be somewhere along the lines of Herioc throw, charge SB SS (rev if up) HS dev

    in mid fight it should be
    SS REV (ss if up) HS DEV HS DEV HS DEV - using SS REV and conc every cd, Shockwave too, its only 8 9k threat though

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    Manginae's numbers are spot on - shoot for 8% hit and at least 26 expertise.

    I think vigilance can be a tank's best friend in regards to aggro, and I have it glyphed, as well. The glove enchant for parry/+2% threat is also mandatory. I would also glyph for devastate and make Shield Slam/Devastate your main attacks. Obviously use Thunder Clap and Shockwave on every cd, as they are they easiest way to target the whole mob. But I believe glyphing for Devastate and then tabbing through the mob while using Shockwave, Thunderclap, Revenge and Shield Slam on every cd is the best way to hold aggro.
    Always stay behind your tank and in front of your healer.

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