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Thread: fester tanking dps

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    fester tanking dps

    Hey i'm mt in my guild wesmashed through passed saurgfang and now we are joked up on fester.

    I'm looking for gear and gem advise on festergut maybe even rotation and what stance and dps attacks work best. On fester i have the paladin tanking it first because his dps beats mine normaly so i figure let the one with the most dps get buffed up first to get the most bang. I general start in berserk stance and spam devastate, shield slam, and concussive blow. I apply sunders till i reach 5 stacks (shield slam staying on cc). one i hit 5 stacks i throw on Recklessness and and go (shield slam, concussive blow, and devastate.) after we hit execute phase i rep em out like a bat out of hell and popping reckless once more.

    A few things in my rotation i think i might should stop might be thunderclap and demo shout, but i feel that would only be minor.) I was also thinking there might be more dps in battle stance. Use that rotation i've bee hitting up to 2.6k dps.

    This is my wow heros http://wow-heroes.com/index.php?zone...e&name=mimziee

    Ty for any help.

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    easiest way to bash dps is bind heroic strike to devastate and spam the shit out of it as fast as u can and only stop to shield slam when its up ... when ur not tanking, dps it in battle stance for the 10% arp and increase in dmg from the D-stance 5% nerf .... then when its ur turn to tank switch back to D-stance when he gets upto 8 stacks and just keep spamming ... i almost guarantee ull beat the pally ... i beat ours every week and he is a pretty good tank ... only throw in things like tc and demo just as they are running out to maximize dps ... easy as bro just make sure u use glyph of heroic strike doing this to make sure u don't get rage starved

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