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Thread: Tier 10? Or BiS frost items?

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    Tier 10? Or BiS frost items?

    What are your thoughts on whether to obtain tier10 in hopes of getting heroic mode sets one day? Or going for the bis frost badge gear first? In my mind the tier10 will save you badges in the long run. While the fros badges will be more of an instantaneous upgrade. This is for a prot warriors perspective.

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    Your going to get more return on your initial frost badge investment by getting the Badge gear since its ilvl 264 and practically BiS for every item.

    If you get the tier it will be ilvl 251 stuff which is actually a downgrade to the Badge gear. The only way it comes close is if you have the tokens to upgrade it right away.
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    from what ive seen warrior tier gear doesn't start becoming half decent until the heroic versions

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    i looked at this as well. i had most of the frost badge gear and was starting to get the T10 items. I used the head to replace my T9.25 item as the rams head never drops from lady for us.

    However on testing the base level t10 2 piece i really felt under geared and under performing so i decided that im shelving t10 until i can upgrade 2 parts from tokens in 25 man and also move more towards the crafted items (boots, legs) before jumping to 4 set.

    imo stay with crafted items and frost badge gear with pick ups from icc25 drops.
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    I went with:

    Tier-10 Helmet and shoulders (Sanctified. helmet).
    Cataclysmic Chest Guard (Badges)
    Handguards of the Kraken (Badges)
    Verdingis Girdle (sp?) (Badges)
    Pillars of Might (BS legs).
    Badge trinket and cloak.

    The badge trinket I will likely replace if sindragosa or Putricide (10) decide to drop the damn trinket for once.

    I found this set-up offered me the most Bonus Armor and a the 2pc t10 bonus, it also requires minimum tokens at the beginning. With the boots off Valithria and the 10m tank sword I am soft-capped expertise.

    I will likely also pick-up 4 pc as tokens become easier to come by (10m heroics and 25m norm) in the hopes I could manage to fully upgrade all 4 pieces (They become significantly better then the frost badge lewts at that point.)

    Hope this helps!

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    I suggest getting the higher iLevel from frost badges first (except for the gloves) here is what I did:
    1. Cloak (50 emblems)
    2. Belt (60 Emblems)
    3. Chest (95 emblems)
    4. Trinket (60 Emblems)
    5. T10 Shoulders (60 Emblems)
    6. next will be t10 helm (95 Emblems)
    And do VoA 10 and 25 every week for the gloves and pants (got pants already, hoping for gloves to drop soon).

    unless youre in a guild running 25 man ICC, then I would go for the t10 and upgrade it with the "trophy"

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    For me I went for the Cloak, Belt, Chest first, but got side-tracked winning some armor tokens and have picked up the 264 t10 gloves and shoulders. Working on Saronite for the Pillars of Might, then I might consider picking up the trinket.
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    264 badge gear first, then crafted 264s if you can afford them, then go back and collect T10.

    Saving badges isn't necessary. With random dailies, weekly raids, weekly raid quests, and in-raid quests, badges are relatively plentiful. You're not going to be doing Heroic raids in 251 T10 anyway.

    For tanking, stats>set bonuses, initially at least. DPS can get away with going T10 since the set bonuses make up for the loss of stats on dmg meters, but tanks can't afford to do that.

    The 2pc set bonus does nothing for survivability, and 4pc takes too long to accumulate, and is more of a hard-mode-only necessity anyway.

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