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Thread: ICC 25 man stats (War)

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    ICC 25 man stats (War)

    Having being offered aspot in a decent raiding guild as a tank, I was wondering what sort of stats I need to aim for as a warrior tank. I've DPS'd the place so know strats, but my tank knowledge is... limited. Any help would be much appreciated

    PS: I'm a warrior!

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    shud start with an armoury link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richardjai View Post
    shud start with an armoury link.
    Would help!

    I would concentrate on bonus armor and stamina. If your glyphed, spec'd, and doing your rotation correctly threat won't be an issue.

    Items I'd pick-up.
    -Cataclysmic Chestguard
    -Pillar of might
    -Badge cloak
    -handguards of the kraken
    -verdingis girdle (sp?) the badge one.

    If you don't have better trinkets, get the glyph of indom, and the blackheart. replace the blackheart with the key.

    Bonus armor is an amazingly efficient way to increase your survivability.

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    /agree with Drae.

    Armor and Stam are what you stack. I'm still trying to get the primordial saronite for the ellusive Pillars of Might, but passively picking up other items along the way. If you can get your 264 gloves, I'd take those over the Gauntlets of the Kraken just for the ease of getting the 2-piece bonus (but ONLY if you can get the 264 version of the gloves). The other upgrades listed are all solid pieces.
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