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Thread: Lich King P3

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    Lich King P3

    So my guild runs a very heavy melee comp in 10's and were having some trouble with the vile spirits, anyone have some tips and tricks or strats that might possibly make this better for us? cause thats all we need and he is dead :O

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    Solo tanking him and using a Warrior or Paladin OT to taunt most of the adds to them and away from the raid works fairly well, though if the OT gets sucked into Frostmourne the raid will get some pretty impressive burst until he comes out.
    If you aren't already, move the Lich King from one side to the other after the Spirits spawn to give the most time for the OT to taunt or to kite them around some to spread them out and lower the burst somewhat.

    They fixate on a random person with I want to say 10k initial threat.
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