I just get the feeling that I should be doing better on DPS. Several weeks ago, I was doing 8k on Saurfang (stand still and beat on the boss type fight) normal...now (after many upgrades, but several Byrntroll nerfs), I'm doing 8k on Saurfang. I'm using a pretty standard Unholy Reaping build and pretty standard IT-PS-BS-BS-SS-Dump-SSx3 etc rotation. This week, my melee was 26.1% of my total, Scourge Strike was 19.5%, Death Coil 11.3%. I've linked the world of logs for Saurfang (and Rotface, in case that helps) plus my armory.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I feel like I'm slipping further behind and it's bugging me. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated.