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Thread: How do you rep up w/ Sons of Hodir now?

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    How do you rep up w/ Sons of Hodir now?

    Initially you had to quest and turn in Relics of Ulduar. The Bliz added Hodir honor token rewards to the daily heroic quest. Now the daily heroic quest is gone, so is there a way to get Hodir rep while LFG leveling? I'd really like to bypass the 21 day daily quest grind if at all possible. Thanks!

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    Hey, I got exalted within the first day of 80.

    Did the quest chain, did the set of dailies, handed in 100 relics and bought about 15 honour tokens (you'll need more if not human). Can't say it took more than 2 hours really.

    Good luck!

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    if you have one character on your account on the same server with exalted hodir reputation, then you don't need to grind that rep all over again. all rep enchants for helm and shoulder slots from northrend are boa, so as long as you have one toon with the rep needed to buy an enchant, then you can buy it and mail it to an alt. note that you will not be able to apply it to an item unless you are 80.

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    You can buy tokens that give you rep for Triumph Badges now.
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    BoA, oh thank goodness. Screw that then, will spend my main's Triumphs on gems instead. Thanks all!

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    I just got exalted with them today went from friendly to exalted with 250 relics of ulduar cost like 125g

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    buying hodir rep with tokens might be a waste of tokens in my view.

    The uldaur relics are usually quite cheap on the AH, costing in the silvers. Also, if you do a lot of random heroics, you end up in HoS and HoL a lot, and they drop for you.

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    went from hated to exhalted in a few hours. Just finish the questline -> buy Relic of Ulduar from AH -> hand in and buy your enchant.

    don't waste your emblems

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