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Thread: Holy Paladin Gear Help

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    Holy Paladin Gear Help


    I want to start raiding more. I've currently raided Ony 10, 25, and ToC 10. I didnt just hit 80, i have roughly 2 days played at 80 and just got back into the game. Although, i was wondering what would be the best stats to focus on, and where would be my biggest upgrades so i can run ICC asap.

    Thanks for all help and suggestions.

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    Spec looks good (yay for Divine Sac!), you appear to be mostly reliant on Holy Light so Int is your first priority. Haste/MP5 is the best itemization nowadays, Crit is OK but unreliable for HPS and doesn't return as much mana as MP5 does.

    Some issues:

    - Gem more int. 22k is a pretty small mana pool for a Pally. I would try replacing your mediocre SP trinket with the one from reg ToC 5 man, 84 int and a nice mana restore.

    - The lvl 200 libram from Heroism badges will save you a TON of mana.

    - Use Insightful Earthsiege Diamond for a meta, it again returns a ton of mana. To make up for the lost runspeed, get Tuskarr's to boots (7 mp5 is peanuts).

    - A few of your pieces are missing enchants.

    That's about it. You're lookin pretty good for someone who hasn't spent a lot of time playing in recent content.

    As far as gearups go, you're definitely geared enough to handle ToC 10/25. I would get into that, and keep farming badges when you have the spare time. A few ToC runs and some more badge gear (or stuff from the new instances) and you'll be ready to rock ICC.

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