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Thread: Daily Checkup-Beside the Trinket, Am I Haste and Hit Cap?

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    Daily Checkup-Beside the Trinket, Am I Haste and Hit Cap?

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Christina, but people call me Mel. I need your help! My lv 80 human lock main needs a makeover! Besides, finding a new raid group and using keybinds for the first place, I think that my warlock is not haste and hip cap. Take a look at my lock's WOW armony profile here.

    Which trinket(s) would you recommend I buywith frost and/or truimph badges to replace that affliction spec Nevermelting Crystal trinket WITHOUT going beyond the haste and/or hit cap?

    I am a 0/13/58 destro pve lock. Discard the affliction pvp spec for now. I used to do arena/pvp and have stopped for the time being.

    I know I need more ICC 10/25 upgrades,but I think I have all the proper enchants and gems. What do you think? Thanks!
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    You're hit capped (17% total, can be a combination of +Hit from gear and +Hit from talents and raid buffs - Draenei aura 1%, Spriest 3%, Moonkin Imp. FF) and any hit over 17% will give 0 dps. So currently the badge trinkets will be a loss of dps in comparison to your current ones, and I would not suggest the SP/Mp5 frost trinket.

    T10 gear would be the safest purchase with frosts, the 2pc T10 is worth breaking 4pc T9 for and the 4pc T10 no longer has an internal cool down which makes it very desirable.

    http://elitistjerks.com/f80/t38033-m.../#Introduction has helpful information regarding stat prioritization and scaling, and to some extent gear to aim for.
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