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Thread: DK or Druid?

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    DK or Druid?

    I have a Frost DK and a Feral Druid. I have been into some toc 10 on my DK, but only heriocs on my druid.
    I am trying to make up my mind and focus on one character. My question is what class would be better for progression raiding? I have primarily used a 2h frost spec, but have been playing with a DW spec. My guilds MT is a warrior, which pairing would be better?

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    Either or honestly. Any combination of tanks will work in ICC as long as the tanks communicate and work together.

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    play which one you enjoy more. your main character should be the class/spec you enjoy since you will probably be spending the most time on. it's not a great idea to play a class/spec you don't enjoy just because it might be slightly better for a job. you won't get as much satisfaction out of playing the game and leads to burnout much quicker if you don't enjoy what you are playing.

    me personally i would pick a druid but that's because you can do 4 different roles (caster dps, melee dps, tank, and healer) on it instead of 2 on a dk, giving you more options for your second spec in case your raid only needs 2 tanks for a certain encounter. i just finished leveling a dk and my druid is level 50 atm. i kind of got in the phase of trying out how the other classes play and get a better understanding of the different mechanics of each in case i decide to switch mains in cataclysm if i really get tired of my warrior.

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