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Thread: Help picking Frost Emblem gear

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    Help picking Frost Emblem gear

    This is my alt DK. Gearing him for some tanking. But dunno what to use my Frost emblems on, which item would give me the best gear in the long run.


    Give suggestions what i should get would for other items would be great aswell
    (I'm getting Swordbreaker bracers + still farming for the boots in FoS)

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    Im gonna paste what I wrote to annother tank asking the same question:

    heres a order of what you should buy with your frost emblems:

    1. When you have 50 frost emblems, you should buy the cloak.
    2. When you have 60 frost emblems, you should buy the belt.
    3. When you have 95 frost emblems, you should buy the chest.
    4. When you have 60 frost emblems, you should buy the trinket.
    5. after those, start building up for your t10, start with shoulders and helm, leave gloves and pants for last.*
    now it may take a while to get all the emblems of frost since you are not doing ICC, but here is what you can do to get frost emblems:
    • Do your random "daily" heroic(s) every day.
    • Do your weekly every week.
    • Kill 25 and 10 man Toravon in VoA every week.*
    *Toravon will drop t10 gloves and legs from 10 man, and t10.25 on 25 mans, so do those weekly and you might get gloves and pants (reason why I leave them as the last items to buy with frost emblems)

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    I think Trork has the right of it. I just want to emphasize that you should be killing Toravon whenever you get a chance (In my 2nd 25 man, I got the 10.5 gloves)---it's a fight where DK tanks have a notable edge imo. If you get lucky and get both the pants and the gloves then you'll be on easy street when it comes to expertise and hit rating.
    A "mistake" that a lot of tanks seem to make is that they grab the trinket first or second. Given the extra sockets you'll get from the cloack and belt, I would definitely hold off on the trinket---I have it, and while I think that it pretty cool to have for a DK (another cd to chain), it's not that great when you compare it to the scarab trinket in TOC. I don't mean to say that its not a definite upgrade, just that there are other ways to get more stamina. Besides, the Black heart & triumph badge trinket are a formidable pair.

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    Look at my char, should i keep these 2 trinkets? or change??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hantimilon View Post
    Look at my char, should i keep these 2 trinkets? or change??
    Get rid if Ick's Rotting Thumb. Get glyph of indominability in its place, that is probably the easiest trinket to replace that with. However, there are also upgrades to the black heart. Juggernaut's Vitality, The Skeleton Key, and Unidentifiable Organ are all good replacements. I don't know if you have access to JV or UO, so The Skeleton Key may be your best bet. Heart of Iron is also very solid if you can pick that up.
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