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Thread: Rogue + Ele Shaman

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    Rogue + Ele Shaman

    My friend and I wanted to try it comp. I've seen teams online on videos of great rogue/ele teams rippin it up in the 2k bracket. I've been experienced with my rogue and been playing with many teams such as rogue/ret, rogue/mage, rogue/resto, rogue/warlock, rogue/priest and have been around 1900s for a while. My friend wanted to arena with me recently, but it seems like this is the hardest. I really enjoyed this comp and it's the most fun i ever had in arena. I really want this to work, but i don't know whats wrong. We're stuck in the 1500's.

    Could you guys give me some feedback on some general ideas of combat with this comp?

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    pick smart targets, coordinate cc's, and realize that sometimes, your shaman may have to go defensive, and help heal, while you back away if the heat gets hot. Otherwise, should be like any other double dps team, burst something down while locking down the other player.

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