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Thread: Armory check/Advice

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    Armory check/Advice

    Hello all,

    I took about eight months off from this game and I am currently trying to catch up gear wise while trying to become a more active and talented player. I would really like to kill some of the later bosses in ICC, and overall I basically just want to be the best healer I can possibly be.

    I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to perhaps glance over my gear/spec/etc and give me an idea about how its all coming along. I have had no real problems healing( from what I have healed, which is fairly limited) in ICC 10 and 25.

    Any tips that can take me to the next level would be greatly appreciated. Gear upgrade advice would be great as well.

    Here is my armory link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...Eredar&cn=Dryw

    Thanks in advance. I am glad to see this is a very constructive and helpful site, its like a wow sanctuary! Any and all advice given would be appreciated.

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    If you're blanketing the raid with Rejuv/WG (as many druids are assigned to do), you want to stack haste rating to reduce your global cooldown to 1 second. So if this is your role, aim for more haste at the expense of crit. If you rarely find yourself tank healing, what a lot of raiding resto druids do is completely spec out of Empowered Touch and Living Seed in favor of Celestial Focus in the Balance tree, which reduces the GCD haste cap by a significant amount.

    Two minor issues with your gear:

    - Wrong meta. Insightful Earthsiege Diamond is the correct choice for any healer just because of how overbudgeted the mana restore effect is.

    - Get Tuskarr's to boots instead of +18 spirit. Being able to move faster helps you survive, and makes it easier for you to heal. 18 spirit is just a negligible amount of SP and mana.

    Really though, looking very good for someone who hasn't been raiding for too long.

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