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Thread: Am I really ready for ICC10?

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    Am I really ready for ICC10?

    So my guild has been slowly moving threw ICC10. They've made it all the way to Rotface and now they've asked me to go too. But am I really ready for that? The leader of the raids seems to think so. So um hi look at my stuff?




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    do you ever go OOM? if you don't then you can do it.

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    I don't go oom in 5mans I've only done a few raids but I didn't go oom til the last 5% of boss's health. >>

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    In terms of gear, there are some pieces you should consider picking up before going. Get the Helm of Inner Warmth (chain mail haste/mp5 badge helm), at least the 232 tier 9 gloves(heal a toc pug and maybe get a trophy for the 245 version), go to the AH and buy the haste/crit BoE plate belt (only holy paladins can use this, so it shouldn't be too expensive), keep running heroic FoS each day to get one of the two caster necks that drop there (one is hste/crit, the other is haste/mp5), and have the chain mail ToC leatherworking haste/MP5 chest piece made along with the ToC blacksmith pattern spell power plate bracers. (just get off the PvP gear man)

    All of these upgrades are relatively easy to get before setting foot in ICC 10.

    Is this an alt? Do you have experience with these encounters on other toons? In different roles? Your gear is marginal for ICC10, and I would say it is first wing material at best. The concern I would have is your experience, because according to your achieves, you dont have much(at least on this toon).

    If that is the case, then I would suggest pugging some lower tier raids to not only get gear, but to get valuble facetime in a raid environment.
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    Nope this is my first and only 80 toon. I'll look into doing these upgrades when the servers are back up.

    The PVP gear was more tossed on as fillers at the time, I've had people tell me to get it and others to drop it.

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    So um, we did pretty well got all the way to Putricde and wiped on him twice before we had to call it a night. Got some nice ring upgrades but still no shield. >

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    During our trials through 10m ICC as complete guild progression we searched for solid tank heals. Reliability was a key thing and we needed somebody we could count on.. We sent a G invite to a paladin who had a 4.6k GS (GS does not make the player for sure but is a usefull tool to help put together Pugs) We brought him in to carry him through the first wing to help him get geared... Ill tell you what.. That T9 (232-245 mix) is amazing stuff. You can for sure handle ICC10 as a holy pally being geared from ToC 10.

    The point is.. This pally was keeping up with heals enough he wasnt being carried and was not going OOM either. Point blank this guy knew his class and played it very well. People like this keep showing that its the player and their management of their toon that matters in the end and not their gear.

    Furthermore.. Anybody should be able to heal ICC10 (probably 25m) with the ICC buff at 15% now.

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