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Thread: Need Advice for Warrior Tanking Multiple Mobs/Raids

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    Need Advice for Warrior Tanking Multiple Mobs/Raids

    Hello, Rothide the Undead Warrior here from the Kirin Tor Server.

    I have been having a bit of trouble tanking multiple mobs with my Warrior. I'm basically looking for any tips/improvements I could be doing when I tank. Right now I usually just spam whatever is not on cooldown, and Thunderclaping when I have more than 1 or 2 mobs on me. I realize that this is not efficient, and some of my guilds good DPS people can pull mobs off me if they throw a Blizzard/ Volley.

    Besides rotation, I just want to make sure my Talent Spec and Glyphs are good for raiding as well, its been a while since I respeced, and some changes have happened, but Im not sure what the "most popular" tank spec is the "best" tank spec.

    Any advice would be well apreciated, we are going to start running ICC and I want to try and be the main tank for it.

    Here is my character => http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...ers+of+Destiny
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    There are plenty of guides on here which will give you all the info you need for both talent spec and rotation. Here is a great one to start with http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...-Tanking-Guide. Change your talent spec to the standard 15/3/51 deep wounds spec as per http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#LAM00fZhZMItMx0didIzsGo. At the moment with the dev buff, revenge is out, so you can dump imp rev.

    I would dump glyph of revenge for glyph of cleaving to help with multi-mob tanking.

    Change your chest enchant to +275 health and swap the nightmare tear for 10 Dodge/15 stam or 10agi/15 stam. I'd gem for the socket bonus in the helm with a green hybrid stam gem, with +15 from gem and +12 socket, you can pick up some more def or hit for the cost of only 3 stam.

    Anyway, read the guide for all the good info.

    Rotation - hitting whatever is off CD is fine. I like to go with bloodrage, charge, SB, TC, collect mobs in line >SW,>SS>dev>tab>dev>tab>dev>tab>SS>TC>tab>dev. With all thos devs, SnB will proc so SS the next mob, Keep tabbing and dev, SS when off CD, spam cleave or HS (as long as you have rage), TC and SW whenever available.

    Do you have Omen or some other threat monitoring add-on? If not, get it. Watch it as you tab, if you see a DPS catching up on you, hit that mob a bit harder, maybe two devs, or add a HS instead of cleave. I find tidyplates with the threat module very useful, changesthe size of a mobs name plate depending on how much aggro you have on it.

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