Tired of being in a "raiding" guild that doesnt raid? Think skill is more important than GS? Me to. 3 weeks ago I started <Misadventure>. Currently raiding (ICC, TOC, TOGC, VOA, ONY) 10/25 weekly. ICC/10 5/12, ICC/25 4/12. Not bad for our first 3 weeks. We are currently looking for people who want to raid and know how to play their class. We raid daily, our healers and tanks schedule time through the week to insta queue dps into random heroics to help gear guildies etc.

Looking for those willing to be officers and or raid leaders as well. If you are tired of BS, mis-communication, close-minded, disrespectful, non-promise keeping, raid cancelling guilds then <Misadventure> is for you. PST Dilet or mail Dilet on Ghostlands if interested.

We are currently raiding Daily. Mon-Thurs 7pm-10/11 Fri.7-? Sat/Sun 3pm - 10pm ST.