Post: Tanking Looking for Prot Warrior AOE Tanking Build
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No one cares

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No one cares if you've done x boss or y boss, especially when someone is asking an aoe trash spec.

Stay on topic. If you want to bring up your "uber status" back it up with your own chars, don't come here and start with "i played on friends accounts/etc".

If you're here to e-peen take it to the wow forums.

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Ahhh.... so this is the thread where all of the rage and hate started. If you're 11/12 ICC H, then why doesn't the armory you linked in my guide show it?

Imo, obvious troll is obvious.
Er, no, not really. I have friends whose character's I've played during 10th and 11th bosses of ICC, they too play tanks.