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Thread: Frost Emblem Spending Question

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    Frost Emblem Spending Question

    So, I figured out my aggro problem thanks to you guys so I thought maybe you wouldn't mind weighing in about my Emblem Spending.

    My current armory link is:


    I also got the thumb yesterday: http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=50235

    I will hit 60 Emblems of Frost Tuesday, so my question is, should I spend the 60 badges on the Corroded Skeleton Key Trinket for the 228 Stam or should I hold out for the 95 Badge 264 Tanking Chest?

    I would also welcome any alternative gear suggestions, but please note I know that the dual slow dps weapons are needed and I am working on farming them. I do heroics and my guild is just starting 10 man raiding and we will probably never raid 25 man content. Tankspot ROCKS!


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    The biggest advantage I saw in taking the chest (which I did) was that the huge amount of expertise gave a degree of freedom in chosing subsequent upgrades. The Skeleton Key does not do that; it will be my final upgrade I think.

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