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Thread: When am I ready for ICC tanking?

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    When am I ready for ICC tanking?

    Ok, I just respec'd my offspec to prot a few days ago for my pally. I would prefer to DPS ICC, but ret pallys aren't really greatly desired because they have lower boss DPS than most other classes. Thus, I'm aiming to tank ICC and maybe pick up an offspec roll or two. I just am not sure when I'll be ready. What type of HP/Armor/mitigations should I be looking at before I step in, etc.

    Here's my armory:

    A few notes about my gear:
    I have my T9 gloves socketed w/ a blue +def gem as a holdover till i have all my T9 so i can free up some def
    I'm having some problems getting a blacksmith with titanium plating for my shield, but that's what im planning for that (trying for the reg hor one)
    I have both Falric's Wrist Chopper and Rimefang's, not sure which to use when i get in, heard Falrics is better for ICC, Rimefang for heroics
    Helm and shoulders will be replaced by the 75 and 45 badge equiv's, respectively, so are not gemmed/chanted correctly
    I'm not sure about my belt, if it's good enough to throw a buckle and a +30 stam in, that is
    Working on getting the platinum mesh cloak to upgrade from the blue cloak

    Any imput on desired stats, gear changes, chant changes, etc would be appreciated.

    Also, I recently picked up a trophy from toc 25, and was wondering if the prot T9.5 are significantly better than the regular t9, or if i should go for a slight upgrade on my T9 leggings for my ret set.

    Thanks again

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    This is where you go to ask for help. If you are posting a link to your armoury to ask for help or suggestions, your post belongs here. If you are asking "Am I ready to tank X?", your post belongs here. If you're asking about your talent spec, or a talent spec you came up with, your post belongs here.
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