Most people think I'm crazy for doing this but I think I'm a decent tank and have reached a point that I feel an outside review could greatly help me improve.

If you guys (End game Death Knight tanks) get some time would you review my info and offer any pointers. I'm hoping you will give me some advice on gear / spec changes that you feel would aid on the Lich King 10 man encounter specifically but don't feel you have to limit feed back there as I also tank our 25 man runs. I'm not having any trouble staying alive during the parts of the Lich King fight we have seen in my current spec and gear. For the most part it's just the fight mechanics that have us beat. But being the kind of person I am I'm always willing to improve. Any critique on my play style I will gladly take. I'd like these reviews be limited to my self please.

My Armory :

WoL most recent Lich King attempts:

Feel free to review any of our logs though I tank or off tank on most of the encounters.

Thanks if advance if you have a chance to look at this.