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Thread: 2 piece Tier10 warrior bonus - worth it?

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    2 piece Tier10 warrior bonus - worth it?

    I have 60 frost badges and I'm wondering if I should spend it on the Tier10 gloves for the 2piece bonus or spend it on the Gloves of the Kraken. I know the Tier10 piece would ideally be better for threat purposes and the Kraken gloves for EHP, but I'm so torn between the two.

    As you can see, it's the last piece of frost gear I'm working on:


    Is the Shield Slam and Shockwave bonus that good? Or are the Kraken gloves alternatively better in every way?

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    I'd go with helm/shoulders for the 2pc bonus. I think the real question is are you going to have access to 277 gear? If so then you'll probably go for the 4 set (leaving out pants) eventually. Until then I pref the extra armor.
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