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Thread: Help :p

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    Help :p

    i am having a few problems that i could do with some help on such as i am no way near the expertise cap and i dont know the best way to get it up. also i feel like there isnt much more gear that i need from hc but im only doin 3k in 10 man (eoe). i dont know if this is down to spec or the fact im not using a rotation im just getting my dots on then prioritizing ss the bs then dc

    any help would be much appreciated


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    If your only pulling 3k, expertise is not the issue, I imagine it's the rotation. I can't really help you too much with this because my dk dps'd as unholy for only a very short time. I think the basic rotation is: IT>PS>SS>BS>BS>Dump RP>SS then repeat keeping diseases up. Also those two tank pieces may really be dragging your dps down.

    Just my quick input, best of luck.

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